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Feeling overwhelmed by an endless sea of spiritual guidance? Not sure where to start? If you are, you’re not alone. This is why we created Nema - to simplify your spiritual journey and bring you the things that matter.

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We take ancient spiritual practices and make them relevant for life today. Nema connects you to inspirational people, fresh perspectives, and transformational practices that you can weave into your everyday life.

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We are a collective of creatives, who passionately practice spirituality in our individual ways. As our mission and values frame everything we do, you’ll find kindness and care woven into our courses, content, and community.

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Feminine Energy: A Comprehensive Guide

BY Meriah McCauley
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Dark feminine energy traits

BY Meriah McCauley
Blog image

Exploring the dark feminine energy

BY Meriah McCauley

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At Nema, we cherish values such as kindness, open-mindedness, and zero-judgment. That’s why we’re building a community that feels the same. So join us on social and find a tribe with real vibes only.

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What psychics and healers say about angels and guides.

"We all have a spiritual team that is supporting and helping us in any way it can."


"Experiencing repeating numbers is the universe speaking to you about where you are in your personal development"


“Ask for guidance, messages, and even clarification. Just be open to the signals and signs they send you back.”


"When you expand your awareness, seemingly random events will be seen to fit into a larger purpose."

Deepak Chopra

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