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I was introduced to tarot by a friend who shared recordings of her personal tarot readings. I was fascinated by her process. She didn’t use tarot to foretell her future but as a journal prompt and reflective tool to explore whatever she was going through at the time. 

Over time, I began using tarot to uncover themes and identify patterns in my own life. The cards helped me tap into my intuition and explore my inner world in an imaginative and focused way.


As a visual gal, I found just looking at the cards energizing. Their images, colors, and symbolism made interpreting their meaning a creative practice. 

Now, I am by no means an expert when it comes to tarot; especially if I compare myself to all the bright people who have dedicated a good chunk of their lives to learning about the origins and meanings that the cards offer. 

What I can say from my personal experience, however, is that tarot is as beautifully complex as it is accessible. Reading tarot puts me in the driver's seat so to speak because I can interpret the cards in ways that resonate with me and my unique journey.

Self Reflection

Personally, I enjoy using tarot as a form of self-reflection, or a tool to work through thoughts and feelings I may otherwise push to the side, or stew over without actually processing. In that sense, tarot helps me regulate my emotions.

If you’re like me, you likely project your own experiences onto the cards - consciously or unconsciously. As a window into our inner worlds, the cards let me unpack my thoughts and feelings in a visual, creative, and intimate way.

Tarot has gotten me through some difficult times: there's something so comforting about creating a tarot practice for self-care and self-guided discovery. Burning incense, especially if it was gifted by someone near and dear, is a great way to deepen the experience and engage other senses.

"There's something so comforting about creating a tarot practice for self-care and self-guided discovery", - Laura Schulze  

Sense of Calm

Often, I leave a tarot session feeling calmer and more connected to myself. It’s a little like mindfulness in that it turns down the volume of my chattery mind and redirects my attention outwards.

I find this particularly helpful when I sense I’m ruminating or feeling overwhelmed. Curiously, the physical effects are noticeable, too. 

I suppose I use tarot in a less traditional way, which aligns more with my values and beliefs. Personally, I don’t use tarot to predict the future (but absolutely to each their own!). Instead, I see it as a tool to reflect on possible outcomes. Based on my gut reaction to the outcomes portrayed by the cards, I will have a better sense of which direction I’d like to go in. 

Tarot has also become a cheeky way of validating my feelings. For example, I once pulled the Hermit card - which is my favorite tarot card - during a period of introspection and alone time. I pictured the Hermit giving me a little thumbs up, and immediately felt more grounded. I came to appreciate the value in my Lone Wolf side. 

Social Connections

At the same time, tarot has helped me to feel closer to others. It gives me a space to connect with the wonderful people in my life who are curious about tarot and would also like to reflect on the cards, and share their personal stories through readings. That kind of intimacy is something I cherish. 

I guess this is where the level of compassion I have for myself and others has grown. When I learn about other people’s dreams, fears, and hopes, I reconnect with something so fundamentally human. It’s not just what we have in common that makes life so beautiful but our differences, too. 


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